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We have a wide range of products including: LED high bay lights, LED task lights, LED linear lights, LED trunking systems, LED panel lights, LED partitions, LED downlights, LED tubes and more.

HB40 LED high bay light, using the E40 interface of traditional halogen lamp, combined with the radiator of LED high bay lamp, is a new type of lighting fixture that perfectly replaces traditional lamps. The user does not need to change the line and interface for direct replacement, which greatly saves the user's replacement cost and use cost.
1.150lm/W High efficiency. 2.20KV SPD standard. 3.IP65 Water-proof. 4.Adjustable modular design. 500W/ 600W/700 1000W/ 1200W/1400 5.Glare control & shading cover design. 6.Remote driver box installation mode available. Quick and easy to control the lamps and maintenance. 7.Various beam angles. 10°/ 15°/ 20°/ 40°/ 60°/ 25°/ 50°/ 90°/ 80×160°/ TYPE2-M/ TYPE3-M 8.5 Years Warranty.
1. one module 9KG ,two module 18.5KG , three module 24.5KG 2. from 400W to 1500W , 3. up to 160 LM/W, 4. IP 66 water proof 5. 5 years warranty。
HB500 LED highbay 1. Max. power up to 500W 2. 10° 20° 30° 60° 90° 110*140° Multiple Optics 3. 0-10V, Dali 2, power driver 4. Pure aluminum radiator 5. 5 years warranty

About us

Our main business is facing overseas, and the main customers are light from Europe and North America. Based in Dongguan, global development.


Dongguan Alphalight Co., Ltd. located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing road lighting, industrial lighting, and sports lighting solutions. Our product line includes LED street lights, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED stadium lights, etc.


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Enthusiasm and professionalism

Enthusiasm and professionalism

Running our business for over 10 years, We gain knowledge and ability, Toppo has earned a good reputation among our global customers.

Product management

Product management

Under the guideline of "Quality is our top priority, customers are first". All products are extensively tested and approved in our laboratory; Our dedicated sales team provides the ideal solution specific requirements for each client.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

We maintain the determination of all Toppo people to realize our wishes "Save energy as much as possible and light up the world as much as we can", Bring light to the world.

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